NEF Company | ABOUT US
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Quality products created carefully

Nef Company was created on May 1996 as a result of the joint initiative of three partners:Fatmir Hamolli, Neki Kreku and Edmond Cuni. In its infancy, this company has been active in Gurras Pogradec with the only trading point in Tirana. They are initially produced simple metal items, such
as tables and chairs.

Over time the range of items,was expanded, the quality, labor,
equipment and machinery. So in the second half of the year 1999, they were added three new units:Department of galvanizing, the one with Paints and Carpentry. Today the company counts eight production units with a workforce of 120 people.

The steps we have taken are numerous, initially expanding commercial activity in Albania, in Tirana with two main subsidiaries, Kosovo and Macedonia, aiming at continuous expansion in international markets.


The department of Processing metal construction
details and forms,In place:

  • Stamping details across different stamps
  • Drilling-bulin
  • Welding of different elements


The department of Clearing details,In place:

  • Treating surfaces of details in mechanical way through cleaning machines Abrasive cleaning cards
  • Treatment of surfaces details electronically


Department of painting,On realized:

  • Wearing detail with electrostatic paint

Departament of galvanizing,In place:

  • Details coating surfaces coated with nickel and then chrome layer


Departament of carpentry,In elaborated:

  • Subject wooden chairs and tables according to the taste and requirements of customers.


Department of Upholstery,In place:

  • Upholstery of chairs.


Department of Mounting,In the final product:

  • Assembled and packaged.


Departments of Auxiliary (warehouses, transport,
administration, staff, service).